¬†Carrie the 2013 film was pretty good out of all of the features it was an OK remake, but nowhere near as powerful as DePalma’s stylish original with its killer cast. When I’d first heard there was a remake in the works I thought to myself this is a film that doesn’t need a remake . I’d really enjoyed watching Chloe Grace Mortez playing a sympathetic role and Julianne Moore as crazy religious mother. One of the reasons I’d probably enjoyed it because my age group was one of its targeted audience.It was mostly like the original but remember original always the best. Carrie was mentally and physically abused by her mother so she feels ugly. Sometimes it kind of made you feel sorry for the poor girl.¬† One question you would probably ask throughout the film is,”What did Carrie White ever do to you?” The cast had and amazing chemistry that made the film an amazing Friday night feature for the night. As I finish I would give the 2013 feature 6 out of 10 .